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By Kathrine Conroy / Orlando Political Observer

Former Congressmen and one-time U.S. Senate rivals David Jolly (R-Belleair Bluffs) and Patrick Murphy (D-Jupiter) will continue their statewide town hall tour tomorrow in Orlando as they pull back the curtain on Washington and shine a light on the inside reasons why D.C. is in a state of chaos and dysfunction.

“This is a worthwhile effort to educate Floridians and build broader support for reforms that would encourage more bipartisanship and consensus-building to tackle the nation’s most pressing challenges,” recently wrote the Tampa Bay Times Editorial Board about the town hall tour.

Today’s town hall will take place on the University of Central Florida campus and begin at 4:00 p.m. The event will take place in Building I, room 121. The event is free and open to the public.

The UCF stop, is the fourth of seven town halls currently scheduled.  Other stops include the University of Miami on Oct. 18th and the University of Florida in Gainesville on Oct. 25th.

The Jolly-Murphy tour is titled, “Why Gridlock Rules Washington and How We Can Solve the Crisis.”

During their years in Congress, Murphy, a Democrat, represented a Republican-leaning district in South Florida, while Jolly, a Republican, represented a Democrat-leaning district on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Jolly and Murphy found ways to work together on seemingly intractable issues of responsible debt reduction, climate change and the environment, public safety, federal firearm policies, and campaign finance reform.  For nearly a year, the two also faced off as opponents in a U.S. Senate race with Jolly and Murphy both seeking their party’s respective nomination.

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