By John Romano / Tampa Bay Times – We swear we are better than this. Better than the extremes, and better than the barbs. Too many of us sit atop high horses and claim America’s divisiveness is the fault of the fringes, both left and right. It’s a wonderfully satisfying and snooty position to take. […]

By Florida Politics Staff – The speaking tour continues for two former congressmen, with a stop at Jacksonville University Tuesday evening. Republican David Jolly and Democrat Patrick Murphy will discuss a question they have been mulling since last summer: “Why Gridlock Rules Washington and How We Can Solve the Crisis.” “I think what Patrick and I are focusing in on […]

By Patrick Murphy – After the horrific tragedy in Parkland last month, the conversation has quickly and appropriately turned to what our response should be. All sensible Americans agree that we must put an end to the massacres that have invaded our schools, airports, nightclubs, movie theaters, and anywhere else where innocent people gather. Poll […]

By Jordan Anderson / FSU News – As part of their “Shared Spaces Series,” Village Square and Power of WE invited two former Congressmen, Republican David Jolly and Democrat Patrick Murphy, to talk about the political gridlock that rules Washington and bipartisan cooperation. Jolly and Murphy’s bipartisan efforts were evident from the time they stepped into Congressional office. They both represented […]

By Danny McAuliffe / Florida Politics – Frustration over the American political process has brought together strange bedfellows: two former Florida congressmen of competing parties. David Jolly, a Republican, and Patrick Murphy, a Democrat, left office in 2017. They’ve since embarked on a tour, titled “Why Gridlock Rules Washington,” to share their less-than-ideal experiences in the nation’s capital. […]

By Patrick Murphy – Historians have written that among George Washington’s many achievements, one of his longest-lasting was the decision not to run for a third term as president. As the most popular figure of the post-Revolutionary War period, he could have ruled like a king and stayed in office for decades. The peaceful transfer of power Washington […]

By Adam Smith / Tampa Bay Times – Let’s try to talk about Washington dysfunction without focusing on Donald Trump. Trump, after all, would not be president but for the vast public disgust with the status quo that preceded his candidacy and likely will succeed it. Complaints about Congress are nothing new, though the scope […]