Patrick's fighting for Florida's middle class.

Patrick's fighting for Florida's middle class.


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Chris Murphy’s Gun Safety Group Endorses Patrick Murphy for U.S. Senate

Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. — Yesterday, the Fund to End Gun Violence, founded by Senator Chris Murphy, endorsed Patrick Murphy for U.S. Senate. Senator Chris Murphy is a national leader in the fight to prevent gun violence. From the Miami Herald:  By Kristen Clark The Fund to End Gun Violence announced Thursday it was adding Murphy, […]

Florida Retirees Demand Marco Rubio Protect Social Security

Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. — While Patrick Murphy has pledged to protect Social Security for Florida seniors, Marco Rubio refuses to make that commitment. This week, Florida retirees angry with the absent Senator for failing to fight for them held a rally in front of his office in Jacksonville. WATCH:  From WJXT:  A group of […]

Key Points:  “Newsweek reported that a Trump company paid at least $68,000 to a third-party consulting firm to travel to the island nation to scope out potential business opportunities.” “Marco Rubio has been a hardline supporter of the 55-year-old embargo and a vocal critic of President Barack Obama’s policies toward renewing diplomatic relations with the […]

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