Patrick Murphy and David Jolly mull bipartisan bid for governor. Why not?

By Isadora Rangel / Florida Today – Ask voters and many will tell you how much they hate the partisan gridlock that has swept over our country. But are they ready for a purple gubernatorial ticket in Florida? Democrat Patrick Murphy is considering a bid for governor with Republican David Jolly as his running mate. Perhaps the former congressmen are […]

What are the odds Florida can lead in a good direction for once?

By John Romano / Tampa Bay Times – We swear we are better than this. Better than the extremes, and better than the barbs. Too many of us sit atop high horses and claim America’s divisiveness is the fault of the fringes, both left and right. It’s a wonderfully satisfying and snooty position to take. […]

David Jolly, Patrick Murphy bring bipartisanship roadshow to Jacksonville Tuesday

By Florida Politics Staff – The speaking tour continues for two former congressmen, with a stop at Jacksonville University Tuesday evening. Republican David Jolly and Democrat Patrick Murphy will discuss a question they have been mulling since last summer: “Why Gridlock Rules Washington and How We Can Solve the Crisis.” “I think what Patrick and I are focusing in on […]