Patrick's fighting for Florida's middle class.

Patrick's fighting for Florida's middle class.


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Patrick Murphy Holds Veterans Roundtable in Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Fla. — Today, Patrick Murphy held a veterans roundtable in Jacksonville with Bunker Labs. Bunker Labs Jacksonville supports veteran entrepreneurs as they launch their own business ventures. “There are over 1.5 million veterans living in Florida, and I am incredibly grateful for their service every day,” said Rep. Murphy. “Our veterans put their lives on the line […]

Marco Rubio’s Top 5 Cons: LGBT Equality

Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. — This week, Patrick Murphy’s campaign for U.S. Senate highlighted the top five ways Marco Rubio has conned Floridians. As Marco Rubio stands by “con man” Donald Trump for commander-in-chief, Floridians know it is Marco Rubio who is trying to con Florida families. The Senator is attempting to win re-election to the […]

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