Patrick's fighting for Florida's middle class.

Patrick's fighting for Florida's middle class.


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Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine Endorses Patrick Murphy for U.S. Senate

Miami Beach, Fla. — Today, during a visit to Miami Beach, Mayor Philip Levine endorsed Patrick Murphy for U.S. Senate. “I’m so proud to receive the endorsement of Mayor Philip Levine and grateful for his work for Florida families in Miami Beach,” said Rep. Murphy. “Mayor Levine and I are committed to showing up and working […]

Marco Rubio’s Top 5 Cons: Immigration

  Tampa Bay Times: “[Rubio] is more intent on shoring up his political future than in securing immigration reform.” Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. — This week, Patrick Murphy’s campaign for U.S. Senate will highlight the top five ways Marco Rubio has conned Floridians. As Marco Rubio stands by “con man” Donald Trump for commander-in-chief, Floridians know […]

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