Is there anything to be done about Washington gridlock? Some say yes

By Adam Smith / Tampa Bay Times – Let’s try to talk about Washington dysfunction without focusing on Donald Trump. Trump, after all, would not be president but for the vast public disgust with the status quo that preceded his candidacy and likely will succeed it. Complaints about Congress are nothing new, though the scope […]

Electoral reforms would help reduce gridlock

By the Editorial Board / Gainesville Sun – Our electoral system tends to reward politicians who pander to the extremes. Legislative districts are drawn to favor a particular political party rather than be competitive. Closed party primaries give further incentive for candidates to appeal only to base voters. Campaign contributions from special-interest groups help push […]

Jolly, Murphy call for reforms to make Washington work

By the Editorial Board / Tampa Bay Times – Outside Washington, Democrats and Republicans actually talk to each other and often can find common ground on issues that paralyze Congress. Now two former House members, Republican David Jolly of Belleair Bluffs and Democrat Patrick Murphy of Jupiter, have joined together to begin a public conversation […]